ignore the eyes

of censorship

post a parcel

or a letter

spread some love around

this christmas


  1. A few weeks ago I received a Halloween card from a friend with whom I have not communicated with for 15+ years. I tried but could not find her. The card was mailed to my ex-wife's home (we are friends) and was in turn forwarded to me. I met Jan when she was a student at Mt Holyoke and my ex at UMass. We all became friends. And later, her husband, a writer, also named Bruce, became a dear friend. He passed away a few years ago. In her card, she wrote, "I have this old address and now I cannot ask Bruce if he knows for sure where you are......I've cut myself off from everyone....I've moved from one disability to another...I need now to find my old friends....I've often thought of you..." And, so today, I wrote a letter to her, to Jan, of warmth, of love, and thinking about the letter, and her, now brings me to tears.

    Peace be with you.

  2. we must not let the post office die.

    it is different this thing of writing letters, real letters

    ones that we can hold in our hands.

    thank you for that lovely little story...

  3. Yes,yes -
    something to hold in our hands.
    yours are the MOST beautiful !