how i long to

take flight

on this first day of autumn

but i live here

between the mountains and the clouds

and will wait for another



  1. My sympathy is not elicited.


    Now you are facing the horror of winter's greening of these hills, the trial of riper aromatics. You are facing the clarity of light that only December can bring to them. You are facing a drop in mean daily temperatures of no more than 10 degrees, and you are facing the thrill of corduroy, poor lady, for another 4 months.

    You already live with a fire in the fireplace, every single night. Now, you get to draw closer. And, you know, the pages you turn will regain their texture. I do not feel terribly awful for your equinox.

  2. remplir son coeur des derniers rayons de lumière pour s'en aller doucement vers les ténèbres.
    Bon week end.