seal your past

with a kiss

and great tenderness

oh cahier de inglaterra...

you make me miss walter

and all our adventures

eyes that don't see

heart that doesn't feel...

one sentence

one photo

one small gesture of kindness

and your whole life comes back to you

opening that suitcase of journals

even the smell of london was there...

all that you were

all those you knew

all where you've been

everything you've touched becomes part of you


  1. I love postage stamps - esp. in a collage. I have been to London- last year for my son's wedding in Scotland- and I love your images here.

  2. this post, utterly magnificent, kept getting better: how can it be? yet it is, and it has, and it seems as if it is a perfect dream; always waking with a smile...

  3. dear victoria

    you are an inspiration .