i think he would have loved this medium of blogging and sharing work

looking for those envelopes,

i came across the beautiful "memoria" for

juan botas

1958 -1993.

illustrator, graphic designer, film maker

and symbol of a certain new york city of mine, 1993...

"Just arrived to Seville.

Last night in Madrid I went to Cafe Gijon for a sandwich

( jamon y queso ). Same waiters, as nasty as usual.

It was too late for a sandwich,

of course.

The cab driver in seville

complains of how it has been raining

during the first week of the Feria.

He is depressed about it...

La Mastranza, the Vatican of bullrings,

is sold out for the rest of the fair.

I get tickets for two bullfights on the street

and pay three times their real price

the guy looks like a gentleman - a Senor.

I walk through the streets of Barrio de Santa Cruz,

by the time I get to Plaza de Dona Elvira,

the sun has broken through layers of morning fog to remind me

I am in the most beautiful city in the world..."

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