for marcus

and alexandra

who managed to get all our letters and parcels

delivered on time

and for all the sunsets this week

and time in the water

and for all good things in 2011

and all those to come

in 2012...

happy christmas

and many fine voyages in the new year


  1. A few trips planned in your direction, distance, I do not see the difference.
    I wish you and it's not to say it, the better for your heart and your soul.

  2. much love to you, both- blessings of the season, and wishes for a 2012 that has [more than] it's fair share of bliss;

    hope to see you soon

    all happiness,


  3. blessings to all three of you...

    happy christmas as i write this at 1 A.M.

    tis here !



  4. You brilliantly marvelous creature (or are some of these gushings garbled in sequence), you probably already know of Eleanor Clark's unreasonably lovely (and witty) portrait of the Breton postmistress in "The Oysters of Locmariaquer," but this is gorgeously original. Did you see Anthony Hopkins as Guy Burgess in his beloved Jag, hailing "Monsieur le Facteur" at the post box on his way out of town? More, not less happy sunsets in 2012, and so much easier to say already.

  5. Always interesting posts! All the best into 2012!