" she meticulously kept her negatives in hand made negative holders

placed in tupperware containers, trying to protect them from the humidity

of india. she had not lifted her lens for 4 decades."

1913 - 2012

homai vyarawalla

first lady of photography, india

"Nothing that came Homai's way was discarded easily. Everything was put to good use. Her simple and sparse home had pieces of driftwood that looked like sculpture. Her walking stick, polished with age, was carved out of a piece of wood while her nameplate was made from broken glass bangles. Many who knew her intimately wanted to photocopy her hand-written book of recipes and medical home remedies. She could also cut her own hair and tailor her own clothes. She once sawed an oversized baking tray, repaired my slippers and fixed the plumbing in her water tank. All this and more when she was well into her nineties!

She often said she was like Robinson Crusoe. Her island was her home in Vadodara where she lived independently till the end with her plants and a few personal photographs."


  1. Merci pour ce post.Grace a vous, I discover this amazing woman
    photographer. Thanks too for your comment about David John
    Interview. I do like your blog, by the way.

  2. i hope you know the work of Ruth Asawa.

    You have much in common with her...