a great loss today

and the end of a link...

Angelica Vanessa Garnett, 
artist and writer, 

born 25 December 1918; died 4 May 2012

in 1987 i based my whole life around your myth

and the omega workshop was what i wanted

from art and life. 

today i've gone and found the book i bought

in 1989, at Charleston House.

I was on a pilgrimage 

and stopped and picked these wild flowers from 

your garden there.

angelica vanessa garnett

she once said of the Bloomsbury Group

"it was like a hydra,

cut off it's head and another appeared."


  1. Some days ago you posted a comment on my blog. I answered you that I was a regular reader of your online diary. I don't know if you saw my comment. I take a glimpse into your world on tiptoe and I always feel a strange sensation of deep affinity with it. Many thanks to you.