kinda blue...

when the sea goes this colour

and the cloud rolls in

and the fruit falls from the tree

at night

next to the white roses.

this is the colour


that tells us

it is june.


  1. hmmm.... having a blue day.. I do like that sign though. I am having a sick day- bad cold... it too will pass.

  2. dear layers

    with the finished post
    you will see
    kinda blue
    is june here.

    everything becomes this beautiful blue
    for one, exquisite month.
    hope you feel better soon...


  3. lapis, cobalt, azure, azul...
    a gorgeous catalogue of colors, makes me think of Vermeer!

  4. Are these fruit of my merry boyhood in San Marino, kumquats? Or should I know better. What is the provenance of this blissfully hilarious (unless not) sign? Why are there these elements of such a romp in this marvelously ambiguous posting, and where do I go to have one done like this for my own little wall at home?

  5. kumquats they are indeed laurent.
    i'm sure you remember the sound of them falling at night...
    one must pick them before the birds discover them, and once the birds do, so also do the bees.

  6. ooops I meant loquats Laurent. Japanese Medlar.

    The difference is in looking at the leaves - which is how I remember.

  7. Yes I had the sense they were not quite what I thought they were - and knew they were not, if they were associated with these petals - but the distinction is a fine one and the resemblance is seductive. It has a lot to do with how one reads the sign, I gather.