today from Michaelito:

Hi Beth,
I am listening to the Kitty Wells tape we use to play in 86 and 87 it is starting to go slow now, if you remember it was a
double tape and slowed down as it got to the end ,it is not going to make it that far this time.I remember we got it first when
Matxalen was here,she wasn't into country music but by the time she went back to spain she loved Kitty Wells.
We have lost another of our great singers.

rest in peace

Miss Kitty Wells

1920 - 2012

She knew how to wear a squaw dress

and taught the world that women could sing country too.


  1. I had no idea. In the pasture e late at night you can see the alignment of planets I sing like kitty even if its only in my mind

  2. i like that kitty never cracked a smile but could sing about the worst sort of abandonment and sorrow.
    singing in your mind is as real as singing outside your mind.
    i know.