welcome home tenn

I've made the summer fruit tart

thinking of you

out there under the redwoods

playing music, beneath the stars at night

and on the way home

the sunset was putting on the ritz

people were standing in awe

silent and watching

and we felt happy

to be home.


  1. thank you clara.
    it is a tradition here...when the peaches plums, strawberries and blueberries are ripe all at the same time, the once a year summer fruit tart with sweet pastry is made.
    a day's work.
    and today we celebrate the return from summer music camp.
    thanks for dropping by.

  2. I love the images taken from above.. my favorite kind of images. I am amazed you baked that tart at camp... from one who is amazed at any kind of baking.. and the camp looks delicious too.

  3. oh no, not at, camp - but in celebration of him returning from that camp!

    and they do truly sleep there, protected by only the redwoods towering over them.

    and play music under those majestic trees...at night the older boys play "when you wish upon a star" with their instruments at bedtime.

    there is still magic to be found.

  4. One is immediately taken by the genius of deploying the sleeping cots in unregimented pairs, out of doors this way. But the whole principle of the encampment is so vindicated in so many ways - may I say, by where it is, first of all - that I'm sure this just naturally lays itself out.