here on the edge of the world
the light begins to change
and the cloud starts moving
and he calls me towards our end of day ritual.
one never grows tired of it.
it goes and it goes
like a painting 
changing every few minutes
and the whole world stops it seems
and he says look at my shadow
take a photo, take a photo
and still it keeps changing
and he takes one of me
and we are pure contentment
at the sweet close of another day
marked by the light


  1. B...Adore this post...it just makes me feel good...right down to the last photo. I smile, as I sit in a similar white shirt with a similar hat at my doorstep....and I love, love, love...following shadows ( your previous post). All I can say is...thank you. J. :)

  2. lovely to have you drop by here.
    you, from another end of the world.
    all connected.

  3. Aaaahhh the shadow... so beautiful...