11 January 1922 - 15 November 2012

William Turnball
Scottish sculptor,painter, printmaker
He was born in Dundee, the son of a shipyard engineer, and left school at 15 because the Depression left his family broke, if not actually destitute. He worked as a labourer, but went to evening classes in art, where one of his teachers, Fred Mould, was an illustrator with the publishers D.C. Thompson.
He was put on the payroll, and his fate was sealed when he was admitted to The Slade.


  1. B..
    Just have to say...every time one of your posts comes through to my email inbox, it is the first to be opened. Loving them all...poetic and serenely calming.

    Jeanne xx

  2. You are very kind
    A compliment I appreciate

  3. A reason to revisit his great work.

  4. Therse,
    When I lived in England, he was very much revered. I feel there at least, this will be felt as a great loss.
    He was a man before his time...