the evening arrives early now
it sneaks up over the ridge
and out front
the sea
sings a similar song


  1. Beyond any repetition in thousands upon thousands of occasions of observation, the arrival of evening in littoral California is unnervingly enthralling and utterly astounding. I know it well in your county between Chimney Rock and Sausalito, and in many others, mostly to the south. As a newlywed in a graduate student tower facing Woodside I used to draw my Gracie Square wife to the balcony to watch the wash of fog rush down the gorges to the scorching ranchland where we lived, and ran with my English dog in time with the tides at the Presidio. You capture the occasion well and yet it cannot be captured, only desired and trusted to return, never and always surprising. One place on earth, for hundreds of miles and millions of people.

  2. never and always surprising...we end our day this way laurent

  3. can not be as poetic as Laurent but I agree wholeheartedly !