Andre Putman has died, age 87. 
We stayed  at Morgan's hotel in 1984
fresh off the boat from London. 
There were Robert Mapplethorpe photographs in the rooms
and a bathroom to die for. 
We had never seen anything quite like it...

Grand Dame of French design
she brought Eileen Gray to our lives
and was cool beyond cool


  1. A butter knife made me discover her name and her creations...

  2. I have to admit that this bathroom does look way cool-- I would love to take a bath here.. and Mapplethorpe in the rooms-- too much!

  3. dear layers
    she defined the way small boutique hotels would be for years to come.
    to have eileen grey chairs in your room with a robert mapplethorpe image above your bed was just fab. all the employees had armani designed wool uniforms too. it was 1984 and no one had seen anything like it in nyc.
    she was way before her time...the queen of black and white.

  4. It would be worth going by the Morgan's Hotel to check out or perhaps not after all. Souvenirs are made to remain as they are... :-)

  5. Me too David John
    Because it reminds me to where I came from