( Walt, April Lourdes, Muley Point, 1995 )

Hey Walt
Meet you at the Cowboy Motel
there's a vacancy
and it's not just in my heart.
or maybe we could meet here
in the wide open landscape that you loved...

or down a dirt road,

by the red rocks
playing country music on the radio.
or at a rock shop
like the kind you taught me once to love.
( beth & stella, muley point, photo mick sanders )

there are so many pieces of you 
scattered around our heartstrings...
and today we remember you.

Walter Earl Cotten

2 August 1946 - 12 February 2008

photographer, friend, muse

we miss you...
( walter, lourdes & april, muley point, photo michael byrne)


  1. I sang orphan girl at walt's memorial, looking over the great beyond of monument valley
    as we dropped his ashes back into the red earth.

  2. What a wonderful tribute and memorial to a friend who has passed on.. beautiful images as well.

  3. not one of us can say we were not influenced in every way by his art and aesthetic

  4. Friendship and places to cherish.