Lady Malcolm Douglas Hamilton 
has died, age 103
she found her calling in service work
after a life of privlige.
"Natalie attended private schools in Manhattan. Classmates recalled her being “annoyingly popular with the opposite sex,” The New Yorker said; she once invited 30 boys and no girls to a tea party. On a European tour at 17, she said she immediately felt “utterly familiar” with England, even though it was her first visit. While there, she became engaged to the son of a baron, but her mother thought she was too young to marry and squelched the romance, taking her home to enroll in courses at Columbia.
She made her debut in 1928, and the next year married Kenelm Winslow, whom she had met on the debutante circuit. The marriage, short-lived, ended in divorce. In 1937 she married Edward Latham, a former diplomat. Another divorce ensued, in 1939. Not long afterward, in January 1940, Bundles for Britain was born."

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