"To understand all is to forgive all "

Some months ago, Mariano contacted me about a show entitled
"Album of Loss "

It was strange to find pieces of my past life in the images...
houses I had lived in 
adventures I had been part of. 
"In the houses of the people who loved him exists a small corner, where he is remembered, honoured or even adores him. I reproduce them."
( Mariano Icaza de la Sota )

from the people who loved you
an exhibition now resides on the walls of a gallery.

un beso



  1. Oh Beth,
    such a beautiful idea, gathering and documenting all the scattered altars of this beloved into a sort of scrapbook of oracles...
    imagine the infinite gallery in your heart

  2. I love that expression... An infinite gallery in my heart

  3. Images can be such an expression of deep feelings.

  4. I too love that phrase 'an infinite gallery in my heart' this is such a lovely post.
    A very Happy Easter to you!