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what better way to begin 
than with Walt.

(with thanks to Siobhan)

 “Walt loved landscape and space as much as he loved people. I think the natural world cured him of so many longings. The loneliness of the desert is so big, that ultimately, you find yourself. I think that is what Walt found there—something that no human being could touch.”


  1. I am not sure about "the loneliness of the desert"... but I am sure you are close to Walt when you think about him, the Desert and past the sea.

  2. Looking at this post and the previous one, the desert and the sea, I thought about the common denominator of both: the sky. And how the sky is light, reflecting a sea or a desert, and our place in between. And how the artist and the poet and the surfer and the wanderer turn the loneliness into light.

  3. dear lily,
    i posted the salt flats just for you...one of walt's most beloved places.