"Paddy's adventures began practically at the moment he was born. His father, Sir Lewis Leigh Fermor, was the director of the Geological Survey of India. After giving birth to her son in London, his mother, Eileen (nee Ambler), a hopeful but unsuccessful playwright, took Paddy's elder sister and returned to the east. The newborn was left behind, "so that one of us might survive if the ship were sunk by a submarine". He was raised in Northamptonshire by a family called Martin and, as he told me when I interviewed him in 2005, "spent a very happy first few years of my life as a wild-natured boy. I wasn't ever told not to do anything." The experience left him unsuited to "the faintest shadow of constraint". As for his parents, "I didn't meet either of them until I was four years old". Lewis and Eileen later separated, and Paddy then lived with his mother in London, near Regent's Park."
For those who have waited for the final book of his trilogy 
( published posthumously)
the wait is over!

The Broken Road


  1. for daydreaming through the winter, there will be nothing better than to lose oneself in this!