Spin-drift ( noun ) : 

A spray blown from waves during a gale

"The real problem here is to preserve this outmost point of land from promoters and 
land speculators who are pounding the threshold trying to buy up every strip of
beautiful seacoast north of San Francisco..."

Charles Borden, 1958

Charles at Spindrift with his cat, the only one he allowed in his sanctuary whilst working

This extraordinary house still exists here at our beach
preserved in perpetuity
by a man who loved the sea.
Author, sailor, writer, dreamer...

From a love letter written to his wife whilst she was east having surgery:
“The first few days together we will have to have long outdoor hours and long evenings before a driftwood fire. And for that matter we will have to have them ever after, too.  More of the outdoors, more of the good music, more leisure, more time for reflection for Dix and Borden–and most important–more freedom from the city and people and more time to fall deeper in love with each other.”

( Spindrift today bottom photo, courtesy of the Pewtherers blog )


  1. I like these words "preserved in perpetuity."

  2. me too...
    we have today this beautiful house because of those words.

  3. Today we don't have this beautiful place because the Nature Conservancy has shut us out. I don't think Mr. Borden would be happy with his property becoming a privilege for those who work for Nature Conservancy.