Goodbye Doc...

Surfer, physician, writer, father
 lover of the sea

What’s next for Doc Paskowitz? ( from Salty State :)
Next is death. And every day I prepare for that. The next step from now to “kicking out.” There are a lot of complications both physical and mental. In order for me to kick out there looms a whole scenario of people of people crying and the money for a casket my family does not have. There is all kinds of bullshit that goes on with dying.
So, I am trying to find a nice shark that will eat me. I found one at Waikiki but he wasn’t that interested in me. I saw one out in the blue water of Samoa, but I kinda chickened out. Now I am thinking if I can get to Tonga, maybe that same shark is there. And that would be magnificent just to have that shark just eat me up and that’s it! Period. Especially in an area when your children, wife, and friends are not around. And there you are – a nice end to it.

Doc Paskowitz  .  1921 - 2014

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